Natural Birth Advocates – You’re going to love this “baby”!

The Labor Link was designed for easy use by both birth professionals and parents. Its simplicity makes it a tool anyone can use in assisting the birthing mother. Mom holds one end while the assistant stands with feet firmly planted holding the other end. During every second stage contraction, mom pulls on the handle as she bears down while her assistant pulls firmly on the opposite handle to provide counterbalance. In the high-tech environment of a hospital, the simplicity of the low-tech Labor Link is invaluable for those desiring natural birth! While we anticipated the physiological benefit the Labor Link would bring to the woman’s pushing effort, we were delighted to also observe the great psychological benefit of the eye-to-eye contact with her partner on the opposite end as they encourage her emotionally through each contraction. This low-tech device assists in accomplishing so much for natural birth. This simple link can help keep the mother fully focused when she is feeling most vulnerable. It also helps those with epidurals to make good use of their pushes. Because of diminished sensation, many with epidurals don’t push efficiently and a c-section could be the unwanted result.

The Labor Link is 28 inches long with ergonomic handles on each end. The sturdy center rope is covered with colorful fabric. It is lightweight so you can easily hang it around your neck or over your shoulder while waiting for second stage (pushing) to begin. It is versatile and adapts to any birth setting: hospital, home, birth center; plus, it is excellent for use with birth stools or water birth. The Labor Link is deliberately designed to be low-tech. It is dependable, affordable, attractive, versatile, reusable and fully washable with a laundry bag included. Whether you are anticipating giving birth or you are a birth professional, a Labor Link is a necessity. It is truly “First Aid for Labor!”